My calculations of free will

At the measured end of the double slit experiment, exists a reality dependent on the observer. Words that don’t come into existence unless said out loud. A dream that doesn’t exist until lived. A world of endless possibilities, until spoken of, invented, observed, or was it simply only wave or particle? This fundamental experiment of quantum physics was intended to see if light photons were a wave or particle but the startling thing was it seemed to be both. The photon was considered a wave of possibilities until observed. It’s as if matter came into being once observed. The observer collapsed the wave function of the photon. In turns that is like saying that observation eliminates all possibilities except the one that applies to physical laws of the material world as we perceive it. In my project of the last year, I did research that pointed towards the direction that consciousness was built up of photons. We have no way of measuring the information contained within these photons accurately. Our photonic consciousness of waves.... radiating into the abyss and exploding like empty balloons until observed.
Music without a listener