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Waves of Urgency


The earth speaks to us. It sends out sound waves and shifts. It’s tangible but so far beyond us. It makes a sound and we can not be anything but humble and thankful it didn’t destroy us this time. With our scientific measurements we are able to listen, to see, as if the structure of the world was somehow see through. It’s tangible but its not. Its solid and it makes sound waves that can destroy us but at the same time It’s light and fluid, being moved by a word. We communicate with nature whilst giving in to the fact that it has powers far beyond us.

Waves of Urgency is an installation and a sound piece performing every earthquake during the first day of the Bárðabunga volcanic eruption that started on the 16th of August 2014 in Iceland. Every minute in the performance signifies one hour. The piece describes a stage where the eruption itself has not begun. The storm boils under the surface and the urgency is felt in the very ground we stand on.

Exhibited at Pixlaverk Festival Kling og Bang, Reykjavík, May 2015