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Thought Interpreter


No one really knows how much we are affected by the people around us since there is no way of measuring it and yet we always know when someone is staring at us from behind. We are connected in one way or another but no one really knows how. This part of our biological engineering is what the Thought Interpreter is supposed to embody. The subtle little ticks from other people we gather in our everyday life, and how we are able to sense them at all. The work relates to research on how emotions and meanings could effect the structure of water molecules and how we give and receive these emotions. Since water is the world’s best solvent, could something very personal from every living resident be residing underneath the city in the sewer system? Are we creating a sub city of thoughts and emotions mirroring reality, a reflection of the overall emotional state of a city? The Thought Interpreter is my abstracted example of this mirroring in systems, whether small or large, every person, it’s own system and the grand scale.

Jars, bathroom tiles, spoons, 9 servo motors, arduino

Work exhibited at Paraflows 7. -Reverse engineering, Das Weisse Haus 2012
Bought by the Vienna Kulturabtailung - MUSA in 2013